Fuji XE1 Firmware Updates

Thought this information from the Fuji website might be of use to others wondering when and what the updates are going to be regarding the firmware for Fuji EX1 models, With the launch of the X100s I will assume sadly for me the firmware development will cease.

3 thoughts on “Fuji XE1 Firmware Updates

  1. Hi Simon, I’m new to your website and I’m really liking the style of your photography! It has a classic look if you know what I mean. I also wanted to ask you if you are still liking your XE1. I sold all my DSLR gear and want to go mirrorless only. I’m torn between the OMD and the XE1 with the 35mm 😦

    1. Hi Emilio,  Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your kind words. I am indeed still liking my Fuji X-E1 very much, in fact the more I use the camera the more I am enjoying it. With regard to OMD or XE1 its a personal choice, both are fabulous camera, I myself looked at both. For me the main difference is the “look” of the images, I believe the Fuji X sensor output can look more like the Leica M series images than the Olympus for me this is a personal thing as I really like this look, also you should try to consider your style and photography needs carefully. your committing to a “system” not just a body so consider the range of lenses, there quality and cost, do they have the range that you require. Finally its then left to size and handling, just go and pick up both and see what feels best in the hands. Technically the two cameras have there good and bad points but for me at least I know a specific image quality I wanted to achieve and for me the Fuji provided this for my personal taste. Good luck Simon Peckham http://www.simonpeckham.co.uk Blog http://www.simonpeckham/wordpress.com

      1. Thanks for commenting Simon! I think you’re right, there’s something in every camera for one person and not al cameras should suit everybody. One fine example for me is the Canon EOS M. Even though it was a no-no for most people I seem to like it a lot. I trust the sensor of the Fuji more I think, you’re right it almost has that Leica look and since I won’t be able to afford a Leica for quite some time I might as well go with the Fuji! Thanks , keep up the good work.

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