First trip to Paris. …. Be brave I thought. Just take the Fuji XE1

I have spent the last week in the camper in France. Taking a leisurely drive to Paris and back. I pondered for days before on the gear I should take. Most of the time it was “take it all” be ready for anything the X100 for pocket power and the18-55 for the every day shoot and the 35mm for the special close work. Then just hours before leaving last Sunday I decided in a moment of madness that’s no challenge. So I opted to take just the 35mm and the X-E1….. I’m going to publish a detailed account and the good, bad and the ugly from a photographic point of view. However this decision was a good one. …… Here are a collection of some Black and whites from Paris streets.

I have to say I did feel vulnerable in a strange “I’ve not got the right tools for the job” kind a way but I am mighty pleased with the overall results. Take a look at a few more images in this post and maybe look back again soon for a detailed post later.








8 thoughts on “First trip to Paris. …. Be brave I thought. Just take the Fuji XE1

  1. Hi Simon,

    How interesting. I am actually still in Paris. Your pictures are great and I can not wait to see more.
    I went even further and just took the X100S with me.
    Great work.


    1. Hi Daniel. Lucky you. I wish I had a few more days there ….so much to photograph. The x100s will be perfect. I love my x100 but I really like the 50mm focal length for street work at the moment. Paris was a treat for the camera. Thank you for comments.

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    1. Hi Charles thank you your comment. I don’t use in camera processing. I shoot jpeg and process using Aperture. I also use a plugin for Aperture called silverfx-pro. It’s from a suite of plugins from Nik Software. Now owned by Google. And now at a steel of a price for all of them. Well worth the spend. On a side note it’s very well worth purchasing a book on your chosen post process software and learn how to post process the right way. It really makes a massive difference to the results you can achieve. Good luck and keep enjoying

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