Fuji does cars. ….6 little black & whites.

Out and about in the camper again this weekend with a feast of new things to photograph, more on the road trip in a separate blog next week.
I just want to speak about a chance passing visit to an old garage and on street parking.

Sometimes a conversion to black and white is a must and if you can spot when to convert the right images they stand out from your crowded portfolio.
Often a great helping hint to convert to black and white is age. In this case it was clear. Stumbling across an abandoned garage in the centre of Tonbridge, was not to be missed.


Taking care to ensure good light and dark are balanced, knowing at the time of the shot as I did with these 6 images your going to convert to black and white needs to be at the front of your mind, your going to need great light to work on hard contrast, so that it brings out the details. You need to ensure you capture high levels of detail in your shots for good B&W conversion to bring them to life particularly for street work.


Finally for me creating a “series” or group telling a story goes with out saying and converting a story in black and white with prevent any chance of your work becoming outdated as can sometimes happen with colour changing the fashion the black and white will remain faithful. I have converted these using Nik Silver FXpro and increase the contrast and sharpening, but most of all the work was done yet again but this amazing little Fuji X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 fujinion lens. It makes me want to shoot more and more, and the coolest thing about it is the ability to enjoy shooting so much with this camera I take a breath, slow down take my time and really thing about composition, light and detail as I manually focus the subject. Look out for more on this trip.


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