Fuji X-E1 natural light portraits.

Just wanted to share how fabulous the Fuji X-E1 is yet again. I can’t help expressing the quality of this camera and 35mm f/1.4 lens. Just grabbed a quick portrait shot of Prem a vastly experienced and extremely dedicated Butler from London. Prem was invited but the House Collection directors to visit the new Boutique Hotel “The Poets House” in the wonderful City of Ely and provide some training to the newly recruited Butler staff. I was given the pleasure of being granted permission to take his portrait before he rushed back to London. Don’t forget to check out my work now published on the Poets House website. Www.poetshouse.com.


8 thoughts on “Fuji X-E1 natural light portraits.

  1. Hey Simon, I have a question. I just got the xe1 and am experiencing some issues. For example when indoors with sunlight coming through the windows I attempt to take a shot but the image will sometimes under expose……I want to love this camera but the AF seems to be an issue. Have you experienced these issues.

    1. Hi Edward. Glad to hear from you. I can try to help. You would to well to experiment with the different AE (autoexposure) not AF Shooting indoors with large amounts of direct light is a challenge you normally will have to let the window blow out and over expose to prevent the subject from under exposing. You have some choices, spot, average and multi. I mainly shoot set to spot and “play” the exposure I want. You can semi depress the shutter release to “lock” the exposure if in manual focus mode. I find that method to be the most effective and flexible. Hope this helps. Simon.

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  2. Hi Simon, just found your blog and have already spent a good hour reading through the various articles. Thanks for taking the time to share everything. I’ve decided to buy the X-E1 after having the X100S for a few weeks.

    Just wondering do you shoot jpg’s or prefer to shoot raw. I know everyone goes on about the awesome jpegs and all the great film modes etc but non of that works in raw which is what I have been shooting 98% of the time on my now sold full frame DSLR. Do you think the jpg’s are good enough?

    I still think the raw files look better from the X100S but it would be great to have the benefit of using the film simulation modes sometimes. Just curious to your thoughts really, as you have been using the Fuji’s quite extensively lately by the looks of it?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ki, Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and very pleased to hear you have found it useful.

      As to our question. I,m not a big fan of RAW. I used it when I had my Nikon gear but not since having the Fuji’s. I find the jpegs are just how I like them. The film modes do a great job. I have developed some presets to process the jpegs to my liking. I used RAW on the Nikon normally to nail the white balance but I have not found a need with e Xe1 as it gets it right 99% of the time.

      Now that all the issues seem to have been resolved and Aperture now supports the Fuji RAW files I will visit this sometime soon. However. Space, file size it’s still an issue for me so I don’t see me using RAW much if at all unless I find something amazing in the IQ that changes my mind.

      Have fun with the Fuji. Your going to love it. I’m in Spain at the moment with my X100 and I still 2 years later get a WOW shot that makes me happy shooting. I never had that with the Nikons..

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