Cake and Fuji X100 eats

Out in the Pub today at my sister in laws 40th birthday lunch. A great excuse for me to grab the Fuji X100 and take some covert shots. I love the X100 in this environment as no body notices you taking pics and I click away in secrecy so lovely shots develop.

Cake was on the menu for desert and just needed shooting.

Nanna’s cut the cake. Family waits




A few drinks and some chat



It’s not long before there is to much left and we have all had our fill.

The black and white files this camera can produce are just stunning with a little effort and good understanding of the light when using the Fuji X100 in black and white mode this camera shines. I will be using the camera as my domestic camera for many years to come. It’s a joy to use and I love shooting with it.

I switched to colour for the last image as the tones were wonderful and were very my worthy of the vivid settings.

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