Fuji X-E1 RAW Aperture conversion

Hi, came home and downloaded the update for Aperture RAW file conversions for Fuji X-Trans sensor. I was wondering when Apple would sort this out and finally it has arrived. Readers of my blog will know that to date I have not shot RAW and very much enjoy shooting my Fuji’s with jpeg. This is just a “look see” for me rather than I need to shoot RAW.

More images and thoughts on the process
Please be aware I am in no way an expert in RAW processing or have much experience in this format, my blog is simply my own personal opinion, findings and results as I need for my photography.
I have some issues with the whole RAW thing. I guess it much depends on the type of work you do with photography as to your requirement to shoot jpeg or RAW. Now that I have the opportunity to try both I thought I would take a look using Aperture.
First thing to notice is the work speed. Working with RAW is slow ….. Really slow. I am using a 2008 MacBook Pro and a 2012 MacBook Pro both with 4Gb Ram and both are slow. Working with the jpeg seem like a world apart for process flow. I found the whole procedure of working with these files slow and in my opinion not particularly rewarding.


Don’t get me wrong these files are great and the RAW processing is very good indeed better than other formats as far as I can tell. However I am not sure the cost of slow processing and large files is worth the effort. I still maintain for my shooting needs and my use of photography I don’t see me at this point in time jumping into the RAW covert pack. For now I may dabble but its not a game changer, pixel peeping is not my thing either so I will be staying with the a while, however if your into playing with RAW files and extracting every last ounce of tunes from the X-Tans sensor the Apple Aperture route is a very good place to start.




5 thoughts on “Fuji X-E1 RAW Aperture conversion

  1. Nice photos with great bokeh! I share your thoughts about shooting RAW. I am able to accomplish everything I want with JPEGs, so it’s not worth all the time spent as well as the slow speed and large file size of RAW images.

  2. Hi Simon, I am using Aperture for the development of my X-E1 files, too, and I was really happy when I heard about it supporting the x-raw-files. I think the rendering is much smoother than the other programs do it, there were always kink of worms (at 100%) in the lightroom-developed pictures.
    Yet I don´t really like the rendering of the colors in aperture, compared to jpgs the cam does.
    I was shooting completely in raw before the fuji, I had a nikon D200.
    If you want to use raw you will have to give your macbook some more ram, I have 6gb on a macbook from 2008 and there is not much of a difference in the working speed between jpg and raw. The more ram the better.

    I will stick with jpgs, too.

    1. Yeah the speed makes a big difference to my work flow. I normally process using my old G5 quad with 16Gb Ram but it won’t run aperture 3. So it runs Aperture 2 no RAW for Fuji. So one sticking with that. Who says newer is better eh. My beast Mac is 8 years old and screams with my large file jpegs from the Fujis. Regards.

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