Fuji produces Poets House perfection

So what happens when your client contacts you and wants a set of images of a hotel that does not exist. They inform me they have been hunting for a while on the stock image sites and the stock images don’t satisfy their specific needs or provide the message and drama they want to create. . So we need to get creative! And creative with the whole idea of this concept. The work needs to show a stunning boutique hotel chain is in the making its like nothing else in the area and opening soon. The idea I was presented with is for a temporary set of images need to be created to tell a story and replaced with final images of the hotel interior just before the Hotel is to open. Yikes !!

More photos and details of the creative process to make this work.

So how do you find the creativity needed to pull this off. Well for the most part it’s collaboration, communication test and repeat. The collaboration starts with finding out what every one needs and is expecting, from the Managing Director,Marketing Director and Financial Director. Set up meeting also with the website design team. Working mainly with email and telephone communication due to geographic logistics and sample images to get the creative juices flowing. Aligning sets of images with the website architecture was a key feature and provided the structure needed to produce some first test sample set shots for the team to review. I had the fantastic team of the Fuji X100 and Fuji X-E1 along with unbeatably sharp 18-55mm f/2.8 and the awesome 35mm f/1.4. These tools worked hard over the 5 days it took to create these shots and 200 test shots before them. Working with a combination of the too bodies and lens working with wireless triggers firing a bunch of different speed light combinations and natural light shots. The Fuji’s worked flawlessly and were joy to work with I was particularly impressed and thoroughly enjoyed using the manual focus on the X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4. The out of focus rendering (bokeh) is just fabulous, although the shallow depth is out of focus is clear to indenting the items in the background, I can’t wait to pack a bag (just the one) and set up in the Poets House for real and produce the real interior shots its going to be a challenge but the results will be stunning.

Creating sets to show the key elements and number shots were taken for each setup and presented to client, set were created, changed metered and reset over a number of times and days. Each time reviewing with the client and generating new ideas on each revision. Finally culminating in the images you see in this blog.


These are just a few of the final theme and images. I think you will agree we successfully manage to write a story with images that shows the elements of a new boutique hotel in build and in tune with the theme of the website. Check out the live site to see the results of a few days hard work and collaboration with a fantastic client and team of creatives. Poets House
Check back for more as the project heads towards the opening night and will be blogging once the hotel is open and share the journey of the interior work and how the Fuji’s perform and yep I will be taking and needing both the X-E1 and X100. Having a leaf shutter camera that can sync at 1000th with my speed lights will be essential for those room shots with a view.

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