Some black and whites for the weekend sir!

Just thought I would share some black and white conversions and my work flow to get them looking good and looking at these i think they please me more and more and am not sure why maybe because its the jpeg in camera conversion. I think the jpeg files from the X100 and the XE1 really lend themselves to black and white conversions.

You have probably realised since having the Fuji X series cameras I have not take a RAW file. Why well….
I really can’t be bothered to sort out all the software needed. I’m still using Aperture 2.1 on a 10 year old quad core powerMac. So I don’t see the need to upgrade almost everything in my digital workflow just to do the same or similar to the little processor in the Fuji body …. Go figure


Working with the jpeg files is a joy I use the Nik silver fx pro for the black and white conversion and and a touch of dodge and burn if needed. Most of the time it’s not. My workflow is quicker than working with the Nikon RAW files and I get great results in half the time with the Fuji. Say no


2 thoughts on “Some black and whites for the weekend sir!

  1. There is something about B/W pics, especially if they have dark shadows! I really like your pic of the ruin reflected in water. it has a lovely feeling of space.

  2. My opinion is – the less time you spend on postprocessing the more you have for making picures, networking, preparing your pictures for sharing with public and so on.

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