Weathering the storms the Fuji X -E1 and X100 review (small kit bag)

Taking a small bag is now becoming the norm and wow how uplifting is that. Camera gear used to dominate my packing, I now spend at least one weekend in three away travelling the UK in my fantastic VW Topaz camper. Is my hotel room on wheels. For a photographer I can’t think of any other way to constantly provide yourself with a never ending menu of opportunity to make photographic images. I regard myself as extremely fortunate to be in this position. Having recently moved from DLSR equipment to mirror less and inparticular Fuji X system I can tell you from experience having light camera kit that is easy to carry and simple to pack that is cable of producing fantastic IQ is a real joy …why because ….

It provides you with the ability to be stealthy and obtain images not possible with big intrusive DSLR really …
I have for a good few years become more and more conscious of making photographs in public places. For some reason in the UK whipping out a large lens DSLR would instantly draw attention and creative a tensile atmosphere both for the general public and on myself. I personally think this changes your confidence and as a result changes the quality of your images, they become hurried and nervous and you can tell its also less enjoyable.


Having smaller less obvious photographic equipment changes the way you can work. I have noticed that virtually nobody takes the slightest notice of me making images with my Fuji cameras either with the X E1 system or my fixed lens X100. So what you say what difference does that make. Well it changes me in that I am no longer conscious of people staring or feeling uncomfortable and it make me more confident. In never feel out of place using them and that makes a big difference. I can blend in take my time with composition, light, shadows. I can shoot knowing even if I point the camera at unsuspecting people I am more likely to get a smile than a frown as I would with DSLR.



For example being more confident means I am more likely to find the right composition or hunt a new angle to take the shot, being confident to lay on the floor in a field or the side of lake to compose a shot without thinking everyone walking will think am a right Dork laying down here and it does make a difference to shoot with that level of confidence. It gives me confidence to spend 5 to 10 mins just trying to get the right shot of peeling paint on woodwork on the side of an old barn it makes a difference, people just don’t notice so I end up with better picture. Moving from Nikon to Fuji has changed the way I make images and I just love having the Fuji’s and a light kit.



Working with smaller less instructive equipment lets you poke the lens into spaces that you would not get washy with or at least draw the attention of a security guard if you were strapping a DSLR and poking it into spaces you should not really poke.
It’s frankly liberating and I still maintain personally I believe Fuji is making me a better photographer, I enjoy making images to more I use their camera. It’s fabulous. I hope you enjoyed viewing my recent set of imag







8 thoughts on “Weathering the storms the Fuji X -E1 and X100 review (small kit bag)

  1. Dittos here. As a recent convert from Canon 5D MkIII and huge heavy conspicuous lenses to an X-E1, I am having similar experiences. I walk around town with the Fuji around my neck and no one even notices it.

  2. Really beautiful images!
    I completely understand the freedom carrying only a mirrorless like the X-E1 brings. It is a bit liberating! And fortunately with a Fuji X-E1 or X100s you don’t have to sacrifice image quality – we have the best of both worlds.

  3. Don’t know why your so down on dslrs just enjoy the fuji every camera has a use i have film dslr fuji leica they are all enjoyable plus most of your shots in this are landscape or architecture i don’t think the landscape would be upset by a big camera oh and by the way nice images

    1. Awe I don’t mean to be down on DSLR I guess just still delighted with the compact Fuji. Your very right every camera had a place and lol I agree I don’t think the landscape would have minded. Thanks for commenting. S

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