Fuji X-E1 on a gorilla

Just a quick post. Dug out my little gorilla pod bought some time ago, I think years. I bought it with the DSLR in mind but it was never man enough to hold all that weight and long lens. Hey things have changed and I have a little Fuji X-E1 and an X100 hundred that will make use of it. Took

20130318-213419.jpgso how did the gorilla perform
It did not take long to work out I could take advantage of the exquisite soft low light from the inside of my home. Attaching the bendy Joby gorilla pod is simple, it light and perfect for the light weight Fuji X-E1, I managed to slot the Fuji into small spaces and work surfaces. Switching to full manual idling down the ISO for a change and sinking in some longer exposure times. I found an old wire shutter release cable too so now able to set the Fuji X-E1 to bulb mode, and setting the rear display to view data it was a breeze to control the exposure time as its shown as a counter on the display when the shutter is depressed, really nice and simple to get wonderful depth and exposures.


With a little practice I was able to take advantage of the gentle soft light, low ISO and narrower depth of field. I need to take some more test shots as I am setting a personal project this year to take more long exposure shots with ND filters. I want to get some movement into landscape
Shots. After the work tonight it should be a breeze.


One thought on “Fuji X-E1 on a gorilla

  1. Happy to know that the gorilla pod can be used with the Fuji X-E1. The camera feels light, and your post makes me want to try this also.
    You had the XF18-55 on the camera? Or one of the lighter primes? Thanks again.

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