Next day with the X100

Following on from my last blog out and about with the fabulous Fuji X100. The next morning we were up early and heading over to Oundle 25miles east to visit. Lyveden New Bield an Elizabethan garden lodge that was abandoned after the owners son was linked with the Gun Powder plot to blow up Parts of Westminster.

Quite a starling shape on the horizon left preserved in time unfinished work 400 years ago.
More after the jump

Much of the spectacular gardens are still being uncovered, restored and preserved with its centre piece being the impressive garden moat, designed not to surround the building as in medieval castles but as a feature just for the garden. I took advantage of the sunny day and using the built in ND filter giving me 3stops at f/2 allows for some creative views and pushing out to F/16 allows much greater contrast needed for great reflections. I was fortunate to have a low wind day making for a mirror like surface to take full advantage of the Fuji X100 great sharpness.






As the sun lowered in the sky it was time to leave and find a suitable spot to set up overnight. We decided to head into Oundle and a spot of night street shots in the next quick blog.


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