Attempted Macro shots with my Fujifilm X-E1

I spent a little time today wondering how the Fuji-film X-E1 performs in macro mode and compared to the X100. It did not take me long to discover the Fuji X-E1 with either the 35mm f/1.4 or the 18-55mm f/2.8-4 its performance is rubbish. At first this was a surprise but its all about the focus distance, and the focus distance is so long on both of my lenses the macro mode makes virtually no difference. My Fuji-film X100 has at least 1/2 the distance and macro mode works very well but is a little soft wide open. However after thinking about this I guess it why Fujifilm made the 60mm macro lens. Hey Ho. However my time was not wasted …. I was blown away by this shot from the Fuji-film X-E1/35mmf/1.4 combination in normal manual mode. This image is straight from the camera into ipad for this blog. Yummy eh …. Might do some more soon.DSCF9440 - Version 3 - Version 2DSCF9475 DSCF9492 DSCF9501 DSCF9502 DSCF9504


15 thoughts on “Attempted Macro shots with my Fujifilm X-E1

  1. I have the X-E1 and totally agree about the macro capabilities. My Fuji X10 does a lot better job at macro than my X-E1. I do love the 35mm f/1.4 combo. IQ is awesome. But why is autofocus so painstakingly slow with this lens? It’s awful.

    1. Hi Geoff, thanks for your comment and taking the time too read my blog. The auto focus is slow but its about the same as my X100 and I don’t shoot sports or kids
      so personally I am not too worried. I wonder how much better is the new system on the X100s, however if moving to Fuji has taught me one thing its to slow down take
      my time and actually enjoy the process of making a photograph and not just snap snap snap. The X-E1 and both the 18-55 and 35mm are a pleasure to use in manual focus mode.

      1. i’d have to agree with this slowessness… it is like a bless in disguise… i changed the way i take photos, and now i feel i could compose better rather than bursting with quick AF

  2. Hi Simon,
    I too tried macro with X-e1 and 35mm. Fells not close enough. For casual close up’s it enoght though. Now I am planning to buy minolta manual lens and adapter for macro.
    I like u r blog. Good work……

  3. Dear Simon,

    I was a little scared, because I read this arcticle shortly before I had a Product photagraphy session with a client yesterday! I solely used the X-E1 with the 35 1.4 and stabilized with a little gorillapod. I agree, I didnt come nearly as close to the subjects as I had planned to. But I am still happy with some of the shots. You can see them here:

    Thanks for all your X-E1 articles!

  4. I have not expected the 35mm or the 18-35 to be macro capable. I have seen only the 60mm which Fuji describes as macro capable lens.

  5. I still use my old but trusty Fuji S602! The super macro mode, according to the manual, can focus down to one quarter inch, but I’ve had to be careful not hit the subject with the glass! I often shoot flowers so it’s a great tool.

  6. Hi Simon,
    Nice blog page. I’ve had my XE-1 for just a week now and I’m loving it. Jpeg files seem to respond very well to B/W conversions. As for macro or close-up photos, I’m thinking about buying these close-up filters from Ebay, what do you think about them working on the 18-55mm zoom? Seems like a nice cheaper option before buying the 60mm.
    On focussing, I find that using continous focus mode much better in low light and very rarely misses the mark. Regards Alex

    1. Hi Alex. Thanks for comment. I have not tried the screw on macro. I can’t imagine the optical quality will be anywhere near the real lens. I guess for the money it might be worth a gamble. If is was into macro and shoot a lot of it I would personally save for the lens and enjoy the results.

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