Fuji XE1 working hard …

I have been working the Fuji X-E1 very hard today and with the 35mm f1.4 bolted to the front of this body. I have been doing some superficial work on texture, light and feel. The 35mm f/1.4 is proving its worth in my favourite style with shallow depth needed, but added sharpness must not be lost in order to retain the image quality and texture. I a, looking forward to using this set up in an up and coming commercial location shoot its going to be fantastic. Such a shame I will not be able to share the results for a while as the work will be for a launch so its under wraps until released by the client.

More samples after the jump





4 thoughts on “Fuji XE1 working hard …

    1. Thanks Tom. Yes a little pp on this set. But just vignette, crop, tweak on vibrancy. The tint is from using white balance and strip light mixed with daylight through the window. It’s a common trick.

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