f/1.4 addiction ….Fuji has me hooked.

The firmware updates for the lens and body rolled out and I updated last night.
Seems faster and more accurate, but that’s not to say I found the original in accurate far from it.


But what I am finding is this 35mm f/1.4 is becoming addictive. I can’t wait to get this thing on a professional shoot in a week or two and have good sunny day for a city walk.
For now its just still play time. I still have not down loaded file to my Mac yet. These quick “snaps” again are jpegs straight from the Fuji X-E1 into iPad and on to WordPress.





8 thoughts on “f/1.4 addiction ….Fuji has me hooked.

  1. I second that – updated today, body and lens: this firmware upgrade has made a real difference to autofocus speed using the brilliant Fujinon 35mm f1.4 lens. Focussing is now reliably fast in all normal and low-light situations (i.e. pretty much everything except sports photography, which I don’t do). Whilst no longer so necessary (as a result of the now excellent autofocus), “assisted manual focus” (which had I suspect become the majority of users’ default mode of operation) has now truly become silky smooth.

    What used to be a legitimate criticism of the X-Trans series – pedestrian autofocus – no longer is. Well done Fuji!

  2. I’ve only had my X-E1 and the 35mm f/1.4 for just over a month, but I love them. I sold up my DSLR kit and was hoping I wouldn’t regret that decision. I don’t. I love the Fuji camera and lenses. I prefer how the images look compared to what I was getting with my DSLR (a Nikon D7000).

    1. Hi Dave
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have been putting the Fujinon f/1.4 through its paces today on a commercial shoot and its stunning, AF has been faultless, super sharp at all the main apertures. Definitely a speed boost. Very very happy. I would have had to spend thousands to get this image quality from Nikon. Man I love fuji x series it rocks hard.

    2. The 35mm f/1.4 fujinon lens is stunning just as is the 18-55 man that’s a kit lens for Gods. Stunning light easy kit with fantastic IQ now reside in my bag rather than a mediocre Nikon dumbbell on my back. Liberation dude.

      1. I’m so happy with the camera and the lenses. They’re all much better than I could have hoped for. It’s going to be interesting to see how this X series develops.

  3. Hi Simon

    I am enjoying reading your blog and your experiences with the XE1; especially as someone who too has Nikon DSLR equipment, but now uses an OMD EM5 most of the time for the portable convenience factor.

    I am so tempted to get an XE1 as it seems to have the potential to produce really great pictures (as your blog shows); in addition an XE1 with the 18-55 mm zoom is almost the same price as the Panasonic 12-35mm standard zoom I would need to acquire for my OMD EM5, if I am not to go the prime lens route with that camera to maximise its potential.

    In your blog post “The XE1 makes me a better photographer” you mentioned the AF focusing changed the way you worked. In this post you mention the firmware upgrade had improved the focusing yet more. Is it that much better now that you would have worked “normally” on the previous photo shoot.

    I think the AF speed is the only thing I may miss from my OMD EM5 as the IQ from the Fuji should be better, due to the bigger sensor and better lenses (than the Olympus ones I have). As I think you said in another post the standard zoom, the 35 mm and the new 10-24 mm may be all the lenses you’ll need. I think this will also work out cheaper and more convenient than building up a big prime collection for the OMD EM5 or buying the expensive m43 Panasonic zooms.

    I will be visiting Focus at the NEC on 6th March where Ill take a look at the system again; I have tried it briefly in Calumet.

    Should I take the plunge?

    1. Hi Simon, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I can’t say if you should take the plunge or not, I did and I am very happy, I did a great deal of research before selling my Nikon gear and I had the added advantage of using the X100 for over a year so I was well aware of its failings but stunning IQ for my taste.

      The software update has improved the speed of the 35mm but its still not in the same ball park of my old D300s, but you simply need to look at the type of work you do and the type of photography and images you want to capture. You not not forget that all these shiny new toys we are presented with every year are designed to attract us to buy into. For me the Fuji was and still is all about image quality, pound for pound and form factor size its hard to get better, however you will always have compromise to make. In my case I really don’t care if the AF is slow. If you were considering a Leica M9 we would not be having this conversation as Leica M9’s are all manual so how slow is slow?

      You have to come to terms with what you personally are looking for. For my the Fujifilm X -Trans produces the closets IQ to Leica and I high ISO exceeds the images quality and usability over Leica, but that’s what I was looking for, if for example I had been a sports shooter or action that I would not have gone with the Fuji system but then neither would I buy a Leica.

      Write a list of your NEEDS and not your wants and then review the best camera for you… The camera should be a “tool” to assist the photographer, using it should enhance this experience and if the connection is good it should result in improvements in you results. Thats why I am learning to be a better photographer from switching, I accept the AF is slow and don’t care because its teaching me other ways to shoot that are more visceral and connected with what I wish to express from using it.

      Finally if that list does not help just go with your heart, using a tool that you love to use will definitely enhance and enrich you photography and you will take better pictures, go with the stats and you will find faults that will results and criticism take over.

      I think the 18-55mm, 35mm and 10-24mm will be all I need for my work and be very happy with them and possibly a second body, and hey it all fits in a really small bag

      Regards Simon

      http://www.simonpeckham.co.uk simon.peckham@me.com

      Tel 01353 614351,Mobile 07516 626410

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