A spot of black and white.

Now and again I really would like to take black and white images. I don’t do so half as much as I really shot. I once set myself a task of shooting black and white only for a year. I failed about 3weeks into it. I might take it up again now that I have two fantastic Fuji camera I might bend the challenge and take 100% black and white with the Fuji X100 and colour with the Fuji X-E1. Sound like a plan……
See why

I find making images with black and white means you need to look and think in black and white. It’s quite a hard mindset to pull together however I do find that once I have set the camera to black and white and I have the fantastic EVF showing the the outlook in black and white its get much easier.

You can see from these shots the light is just so important. I mean sure its the most important thing in any photography but with black and white its all you have to work with so you really find yourself seeking out light and contrast. Normally I would wait to have sunny weather before shooting black and white so I can make you of hard light and shadows. However recently I have taken to shooting interior, again hunting out the light and making best use of reflective surfaces and natural light busting through windows.

Being pleased as usual when shooting with the Fuji X100 with this set of black and whites I think I may take up my old challenge and shoot 100% black and white with the X100. Pondering

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