Not forgetting the Fuji X100. How good is the ‘s’

I was out and about street shooting with the Papa of the Fuji’s. the original X100. Even thought I have the X-E1 now I still prefer to pop the X100 in my pocket foe street and pleasure shooting. I really need to find out out the new S version. Having the X-trans boosted sensor with the new tricks in phase focus and dual image manual focus must be truly a stunning little package. In some ways I don’t want to pick one up :-). But really in need to wait for the new developments to come to a new X-pro1 body. Investing in the lenses during the year will reap the benefits if a new X100s sensor version X-pro1…. Can’t wait but in the mean time I still really enjoy being out with the X100. Will I buy an X100s I doubt it very much since I have just invested in buying the X-E1.. But for those of you that have one or thinking about getting an X100s soon ….. Lucky bunch it’s one stunning camera… happy feet.



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