Fuji X-E1 shots and early image samples

Hi, I thought I would share some shots of the Fuji X-E1 that arrived today, give some brief first impressions and a few quick image samples. The weather has been horrid and I have not been able to get out and stretch the legs of this camera, but I have taken a few quick images to try and get some early feedback and first impressions. I will start with a bunch of sexy shots because this thing is cute thing to look at.

More hero shots









As you can see this is a great looking camera and lens, its not as retro as the X100 or the X-Pro1 but it does retain a high level of retro with a cool modern minimalistic style.
So my first impression, to be honest I was disappointed when first unwrapping and picking up the body, it was lighter and less well built than I expected. Compared the the all metal X100 I can certainly feel the X-E1 is only half metal and plastic back, the bottom is no where near as solid as the X100, its again only half metal. The dials are much better that the X100 they have more heft and positive in movement. The size is great and virtually exactly the same as X100.

The little front bump and designed rear thumb support is a great addition. The quality of the push buttons and the change from a rotation selection wheel to a 4 way selector is also better quality and much better in operation than the X100. At this point I am not over impressed.

Unwrapping the lens was good. The 18-55m is a really small lens, very light but well screwed together, with lovely smooth operation of zoom,focus and aperture rings. Very nice action, attaching it to the body is no problem however there remains some slack in the connection once clicked into place, I really don’t like it, it seems sloppy engineering not to be completely connected to fit perfectly. Placing the lens and body together made a big difference to how it feels in the hands. I felt a little happier the more I held it.

I had to wait some time to charge the battery as it was completely flat. Once charged it was time to set up the Fuji X-E1 and take some shots. The two main things I wanted to review with camera as soon as possible was the new hi resolution EVF and the manual focus operation. I have not checked yet what software revision for the body and lens I am on, I am assuming its up to date,
I will look that up later but I can say this is where my initial disappointments started to fade. The EVF is wonderful and much better than the one in the X100. Bright and detailed it does lag but I am used to that anyway, I won’t miss the OVF as I don’t use it in the X100.

Next the manual focus. This great and very usable comparing it to the X100 its a dream. So some more smiles on my face. So my initial misgivings were drifting away and I was no longer worried if I’d I had made the wrong decision. Next up was a quick check on the use of off camera flash and my triggers work as I have some commercial work to complete in early Jan 2013. Thankfully it works perfectly and I don’t have to rush out and purchase new triggers. Yeah looking good….

So now to the image quality from some quick samples. I can say even with just some quick manual and auto shots the quality is simply fantastic, way better than my Nikon D300s in my opinion and much better than the X100. I am really impressed with the sharpness, gosh this lens is sharp and the colours and dynamic range is wonderful. I am very very pleased with these very basic and early shots. I have post processed these samples below to my liking and I can say I have used small tweaks to basic settings simply and quickly to give you some idea of what this Fuji X-E1 will be producing in the future tuned to my tastes.
I will take some more time and review some if the other features over the next few days and make another review soon.






The last sample of the cloth flower I have up loaded a full resolution version so that you can see the detail and sharpness this camera can reproduce is stunning, it also shows the quality of the bokeh rendering the out of focus areas that are really stunning.
So far after some serious fears at first I can now conclude this little camera produces images that I find are simply stunning and I am sure I have made the right decision. Once I have become familiar with the new controls and a few prime lenses I should be heading to a very happy place.

7 thoughts on “Fuji X-E1 shots and early image samples

  1. I’m particularly interested in your thoughts on the 18-55, as I bought my X-E1 with the 35mm and 60mm. One of the strengths of the X system in my view is that Fuji are not just making a great body and sensor, but high quality lenses as well. I’m sure that is as much a part of the wonderful image quality.

    Ite amazes me how small and light the Fujinon lenses are in comparison to my Canon L glass.

    1. Hi mike. So far its superb. Very sharp and usable. Even f/4 is great I like the zoom. I will be getting the 35mm 1.4 and the super wide when it come out next year but this 18-55mm will cover all my other needs. It’s a super set up, so neat, light and compact that definitely has better image quality than my Nikon D300s, ok it’s not as fast but I am not a sport shooter so not bothered. Taking more time over my shots is a bonus. Loving the X-E1 and still love my X100. I have to say the X100 body is better build quality than the X-E1 and that’s a shame. I will review more in a few weeks once I have stretched its legs.

  2. Hi Simon,
    Great to read your opinion about the fuji. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago.
    Can you tell me more about your flash set up, do you get TTL?
    In the settings the flash setting it has a transmitter function but from what I can see no fuji flash can work as a slave. Wonder if we’ll see a new flash in the future?

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your comment. I only use manual flash and not TTL. I just set it to command mode and then set the flashes as I need. It’s the simplest way. Once you learn manual flash control you just need to trigger.
      Regards. Simon

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