Looks like some backroom peddling!

Looks like some back peddling

Its good to see that use of the internet makes things move real fast in both directions, the consumer is in control if it wants to be, Instagram is now re writing the T’s and C’s to help restore its balance to the systems it builds. This is going to be an interesting topic to watch over the next year as Google,Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter battle to grab your photos, its a billion dollar business and they want you to share….and they want to profit from YOU. Take care where you post and publish your best work if you do not want to be exploited. If your like me trying to work and kick off a business in photography you know you need to your social network systems on the internet, and ok some people will argue hey its all FREE. however have a think on what FREE means, free in money terms may be expensive in copyright or image usage licencing….

more here on the subject http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20777616

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