Christmas mini studio lighting (LED torch Fuji X100 macro)

One of the reasons I think I may have got into photography was if your creative you have a never ending landscape and subject field to play in…. Ok every now and again all photographers have a hard time and creative block. You can be sure however seasons will change and its not long before the camera is back in our hands and clicking away as the creative images start to flow. Christmas is just one of those times that can kick start creation.

This little chap plays in the bear Christmas band on our festive tree, he is only 2″ tall and needed some special lighting and a catch light in his eyes.

For this shot I needed to think small. So how can to create a light suitable to light this 2″ ceramic symbol player that would simulate what I might do in a studio if this was full size. Using a full size speed light and soft box was not going to work, rummaging around in the old kitchen draw that has all the old bits and bobs that you don’t want to throw out because someday you know you will need it I found an old LED keyring torch. Perfect, mini studio light.
My first few shots were not so good, the light was too bright, wide and the wrong colour, enter some paper, tape, yellow tissue paper to balance the colour and hey it’s starting to work.
I continued to exploit the light conditions tweaking and arranging until I produce some shots I liked.

Ok so some of you are thinking. Why! Why go to this level to take a shot of a ceramic Christmas decoration , well it’s partly because I am always looking for a reason to shoot with my camera and also I like the challenge of trying to come up with new ways to make shots and make interesting images. It’s what photography is… making a photograph, and its great fun.


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