Terrific Fuji X pro 1 review

I really can not make up my mind on a Fuji X-Pro1 or Fuji X-E1, still looking at the advantages and disadvantages for both cameras. The choice is a close one and I think its all going to boil down to handling, how it feels in the hands and price. In the mean time I still check out splendid reviews for both cameras. This is a really lovely review of such a special camera.



3 thoughts on “Terrific Fuji X pro 1 review

  1. Why I Decided Not To Get The Fuji X-Pro 1 or Fuji XE-1

    I have aFuji X100 what a great camera! I considered selling all my Nikon stuff and getting on of the other Fujis and some lenses and just going with that format. Then I thought: “Here I go again!”

    When I first started as a photographer in 1969 majoring in photojournalism and working as a college newspaper photographer, the two main cameras everyone used were the Nikon FTN and the Leica M2,3,4. I had to choose between the two and decided to go with the Nikon because it was more versatile, and much less expensive, but I always loved the feel and workmanship of the Leica.

    When I joined the Military (USAF) in 1971 I noticed that all the Combat Photogs usually had one of each slung around their necks. Nice to have Uncle Sam give you both! But I was a medic!

    Throughout my photographic life there has always been that conflict: SLR vrs Rangefinder. I continued to do some free-lance work and weddings and portraits and there was always that quandary: Nikon and all the heavy stuff, Leica and much lighter stuff. Couldn’t afford both!

    When autofocus came about it was a God-send: capturing action, movement, expression was so much easier. Still that quandry. I decided to sell all my Nikon stuff and get a Contax G2. What a wonderful camera in many respects and such wonderful lenses. I got some great images with it, but the viewfinder was so small and dim. (Nothing like the beautiful view through a Leica!)

    I began to long for the view through the lens again. In my travels I happend upon a Leica M2 with a 50mm f2 Summicron for $200. Got it right away! I sold all my Contax stuff and bought an F100 and some lenses. It was great to be able to use an 80-200mm f2.8 again!

    It took me awhile to make the jump to digital. I got a D200 and then a D300. When the Fuji X100 came out I got one as a second camera. It is wonderful in many respects but a little quirky with the focus and slow on the wake up. If I take my time I can get amazing images.

    I started to think again, “Why not get another Fuji and 3 lenses and stop carrying all this heavy DSLR stuff?” I’d been doing a lot of weddings and portraits and wondered again if I could make the switch.

    Then I began to think how often I would miss a shot with the Fuji because of the slow focus. Nothing worse than out of focus photos when you don’t want to! From everyone’s reviews the X-pro 1 and the XE-1 aren’t any better than the X100. I never missed those shots with my Nikon. I began to look at the images I took with the Nikon and I began to realize that I could never get most of those shots with the Fuji.

    Maybe if the focus was quicker. I might have decided differently. I decided to get a D600 as a second body. I’ll keep the X100 for travel and fun, but when I really have to get the shot, I’m taking my Nikon.

    Oh, and I still shoot film with my Leica M3!

    Mark Santostefano

    1. Hi Mark, lovely comment and wise words, thank you for taking the time to leave this comment on by blog, I think you have a very valid thoughts and considerations that should be taking into account. I have to admit I have been thinking long and hard about letting my Nikon gear go and jumping in with both feet into Fuji world. Personally if I made a living every day from my photography alone I would keep the Nikon for the exact same reasons you mention in your comment, only to add, the Fuji X-pro 1 is the closest Camera system I personally will ever get to that of a Leica M series. Its as much and shamefully a lust issue for the X-pro 1 too. If money was not a limiting factor I would continue own my Nikon gear AND the Fuji X-pro1 and a set of lenses for it… I would definitely have both. For me its almost as simple as this…. I love the images produced but the Fuji X series and the more visceral and tactile approach it makes the user take when using it, much like I Leica I suspect there for its more of “I WANT it” however in order to retain the small business needs I have for my photography albeit part time my Nikon is in the camp of “I NEED it”. As I am sure it is with most people, if you take the financial question out of it we would all have both!, and probably a Leica M and a Top Nikon or Cannon DSLR …. such is life eh…. I also ahve the interesting option of Nikon glass on the Fuji body and a final mashup !!

      1. I really enjoy your blog and great reviews! Yes, so many camera’s and so little money! Back in the late 60’s I wanted an FTN and a Leica M, couldn’t swing it. If money weren’t an option I would keep my Nikon’s and get the X pro and 3 lenses as well! But for now, I’ll continue to enjoy my X100 for creative expression and my Nikons for my photo work! Have fun shooting!

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