£5.00 ring light for Fuji fantastic portraits

Just a quick blog on a ring light. Find a second hand magnifier desk light and make a portrait like this for fun.Rhys Ring light head shot

I have for a while wanted to try out a ring light, however I just could not justify £100+ on a speed light ring flash just to see how it works and comes together for model and portrait work. Seeing a second hand desk magnifier in sort of nearly working condition gave me an idea. I bought the lamp for £5 took off the broken spring tension arm stand, dismantled the head unit and removed the magnifier glass, added a little baking foil to the rear of the ring lamp housing to boost the lumens and re assembled. Boom… Grabbed my reluctant son Rhys and did some quick snaps before he managed to get away from the light called his Dad a moron. DIY or what….teens eh

Ok there are some issues. Like this is never going to work on one of my fashion in a field shoots as the lamp is mains 240v powered …. Oops. So it’s a stupid idea and its not really that practical for studio use as wondering around with an electric lead attached to the front of your camera is not really they way forward. However as you can see from the next couple of shots it works really quite well. I also triggered a Nikon SB600 in a lastolite soft box to camera right and held the ring light in front of my little Fuji X100. The Fuji X100 will take my eBay trigger transceiver and trigger my flashes and its great for off camera strobist work like this. Lets hope the Fuji X-E1 does the same and that the relatively slow flash sync speed its reported to have does not pose an issue in the future.
Check out these shots. I think I will set this rig up again and take a little more than a five min session with my son. Time to find a model.



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