Razor sharp Fuji X100

Just needed to do a quick blog as its been a few days from my last one, as you all know I have been investigating my next upgrade on the camera and have been looking deeply and carefully at the Fuji X-pro1 and the newer and considerably cheaper but just as capable Fuji X-E1. Having spent some time tonight on the Fuji X Series website where they have a great selection of quality images taken with all three cameras.


Some of the samples from the X100 I think were taken in macro mode but with f4 and were razor sharp. I checked out the Fuji X-pro1 and Fuji X-E1 samples and some of those were also super sharp at F4. So the best thing to do is grab the X100 set macro and fixed f4 in aperture priority and took a few shots, import into Aperture 2.1 for a quick tweak and take a look at the sharpness and even at the high ISO. Wow damn sharp ooooh this little thing is just the best. Here are my sample.




3 thoughts on “Razor sharp Fuji X100

  1. Hey Simon, love your B&W pics!

    Could you share on what setting you used for your x100 when you took these shots? What f stop, what shutter speed, if you used the preset b&W film modes or if you took them in provia.

    If you did post process which software did you use?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi.
      The shots were taken in Astia and converted black and white with Aperture and silver fxpro plug in. Taken at f4 (it’s the sharpest) and 1/12 shutter and ISO 3200 monopod supported.
      I hope that helps.

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