Night-time with the Fuji X100

It’s time to reveal another clever little trick the Fuji x100 has up its sleeve and I hope both the Fuji X-pro1 and Fuji X-E1 both have. Again this can only be done with the wonderful EVF feature. This cannot be done with a TTL camera that dose not have live view. The Fuji x100, Fuji X-pro1 and Fuji X-E1 all do this with easy and its easy to learn. Again this camera proves to be simply outstanding night time image quality. Some of these shots are hand held the others are sitting walls or posts that I find near by. I should get a little tripod really.


So here is the trick, this works both for night and day shots but I find its most effective at night. The technique is to partially depress the shutter to obtain the focus, now keep depressed and moved the camera in and out of the light slowly. You will start to see that the EVF will try to show the correct exposure for the shot, you will see that it’s trying to move from the light to dark areas as you move the camera. This is just a fantastic feature I can now precisely control the light I wish to capture in the light and dark areas. Take a look at the next image. I was able to carefully push the exposure around from the almost silhouette foreground to the deep blue dark sky just by crossing the horizon line to find the correct levels.

Using the method I was able to find a lovely exposure balance of the sky and water. Normal multi exposure settings would have either exposed for the sky missing the foreground water reflections or exposed for the water causing the sky to blow out and loose the deep blue. Try this and you will see what I mean. I find it works best with the AE set to Center spot it just seems to give a little more precise control. It’s takes a little practice to get the right results and its really fun to play with. Hear are a few more samples I have taken using this method. I really hope the Fuji XE1 and Fuji X-pro 1 can pull off the same trick. I would imaging the Fuji xe1 to be the best to work with as its new EVF is almost twice the contrast and pixel resolution. I can’t wait to test this out soon. Have fun trying this.





5 thoughts on “Night-time with the Fuji X100

  1. Isn’t it easier to frame and then move the exposure compensation dial until you find the right exposure?
    Great shots, anyway. I do love night time photography with my x100 too.

    1. Hi Felipe. Thank you for commenting
      Well it’s a little different it’s about finding the balance for the sky and foreground. The compensation tends to be a more global change. Try it and see. Kind regards.

  2. Hi Simon,

    When you partially depress the shutter are you not also locking the exposure? I’ve looked throughout the menu system but can find no option to decouple AEL from the shutter button … am I missing something? BTW, just discovered your blog via Steve Huff’s blog and am very glad I did!


    1. Hi John, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I think you have the two confused or may be I have, the blog about the exposure I don’t part depress the shutter as you are quite correct it locks the exposure, I just use the EVF to find the suitable balance, the flares and halos I use the partial depression. I hope that clears it up a little. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Hi John
      I have just check this partial pressing and its my mistake. I partial press the shutter to obtain focus then release, select exposure and make the shot. Thank you for pointing this out. Regards. Simon

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