Fire breathing fuji X100 monster

Just some quick shots from Saturday nights fireworks display. Once again I have sing the praise of this little Fuji X 100. If the New Fuji X -E1 is anything like this little X100 marvel then I will be in for a treat. Take a look at some of this images I took that night. I have uploaded full res so you can see the details.


Theses shots are hand held using only a monopod, no flash of course. Just look at the detail in the lower portions of the images. The detail in the ground and trees is astonishing. I was amazed when I downloaded and opened these up for editing just how much detail, was being captured by this extraordinary little Fuji X100. The range of dynamic light and contrast along with the wonderful colour tone really did capture the moment with drama and action portrayed brilliantly. I had wanted this year to be able to capture the workings of a firework display and not just a bunch of shots high in the sky. Is little fuji worked its magic yet again. Thank you fuji for making such and amazing little camera and I can,t wait to your Fuji X-E1 soon.




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