Some black and white

Time for some black and white shots. Can you guess the ones that have been produced in camera? I have found that for some reason the Fuji X 100 takes fantastic black and white when setting the camera to black and white mode.


The Fuji X 100 has 4 options when choosing a black and white mode. The simulated film settings apply three types of filter. No filter Yellow, red, green. This provides considerable control. I find night shots particularly interesting as the filters seem to provide more subtle changes and give a very sharp and clean polished look to the images with a high contrast and great tones. I never seem to be able to achieve quite the same look when converting using post processing. This is not the case for almost every other camera I have used and the mode on my Nikon D300s gives very poor results in camera but excellent results when using plugin such as silverfx-pro. Not sure why this is but I can say I am very happy with the result straight from camera on the fuji. The next set of images are in stark contrast to the shot above. Can you tell. The top image is straight from the fuji the others are taken from the fuji but converted on the iPad.




4 thoughts on “Some black and white

  1. You are right about the X100. For black and white it can take some great shots. I particularly like your first shot. Not only because I think it’s a great shot but it pushes me to get my old Nikon kit sold and to buy my next camera, an X-E1!

  2. Fantastic. I love the deep blacks you are achieving. Can you please tell me what iPad app you used? I have an XE-1 and would love to have a try at black and white. You seem to have it mastered.

    1. Hi ric
      Lucky guy having the XE1. Great tool. With regards to my black and whites. I tend to use the blue in camera filter in black and white mode. Then post process using a plug in for Aperture called SilverFX pro. By Nik software. It has a huge set of tools. However I have found the just pausing the contrast up hard in post processing will get you good results but you need take care of the exposure. Hope this helps and that you enjoy the XE1. I have to wait a while as I can’t quite afford it yet.

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