Putting a valu£ on business photography

Much of the time being a just a local photographer and not a famous international photographer and really just starting out in this business, (well doing it for 4years now) its sometimes really hard to understand the value of your work especially at this level on an everyday basis.

This blog is just some of my thoughts and giving some insight in to the possible value in photography that’s is not always easy to put a monetary number to its value, but its possible to look at the difference it makes to web design and ultimately the viewer or potential customer.

Earlier this year I took on some work for a local hairdressing company, they had contacted me to supply some images of their staff in the form of portraits and internal of the salon. The work was fairly straight forward for the portraits. I set up in one of the spare rooms in the top of the salon and worked my way through all of the staff over morning. Then later in the day I popped back to the salon to take some more technical and creative shots.

The brief was to simply take shots of the salon. It’s not easy to find creative angles, items and scenes that will help “sell” the business that your working for. However that’s the job of the photographers as I see it, using the skills I have learned to make images to do exactly that. I am particularly fond of using depth of field to help focus the viewers eye on a particular part of an image in yet still have the remainder of the image portray the “feel” of the space. I believe you as a photographer need to create the images you produce, make them portray a sense of “wanting to be there” to the viewer. After all the reason your Being paid to to this your trying to attract more clients for your customer, that’s the point. Create images for the web designers to design a new website that will attract more clients to the salon. If all that can be achieved with a high level of success then your clients value for money can start to be realised and justified.

Unfortunately I don’t have the software tools to be able to measure the impact of images I make and supply clients and web designers with these images in pounds sterling. However I think I could say more and more business are starting to see a real return on investment in web design and photographic services but even more if a bespoke approach taken by them in the very beginning.

It’s more sincere and is more relevant. Website often use stock images, using stock is fine but will it provide that personal feeling you need to create in order to “invite’ and ‘attract’ more business. Like I said earlier I can’t measure this in monetary terms but I can show you before and after on a design. Lets me completely clear the web designers have a huge part to play, but its clear the images taken can drive the design process, colours and layouts. Take a look at the two images below and make some conclusions for your self and then decide if the photography will prove of value to the client and provide a return on investment. Why are not more companies taking control of there own websites in this way, many are happy to leave it to leave this to web designers and use simple stock images, but see for your self what difference would an out facing advertising medium portray, and what it might do if it had a more personal feel from commissioned bespoke photography.


Now you can decide if you think the changes you see about would be likely to see return on the days worth of photography that went into it. Above the first capture in white is the old front page for Toppers website, just below is a capture of the newly completed site in black using the new set of images. You notice that the images even influence the other colours used in the website design banners and borders.

Decide for your self which is better. The client is happy this is great, I am happy with my days work , I just wish I could find a way to measure the success or failure to attract new clients thus justifying the hard work from the all the businesses involved in its creation.

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