York and Skipton

Headed north this weekend on another little 3day jolly ride in the Camper. Start out at 7:30pm and hit the A1 hard. Up north …

Spent the night in the worst services ever…. Not sleeping due to massive loud lorries in and out revving engines at 2-3-4am arrh. Grumpy

Woke early and quick check or where we were, as it was dark when we arrived at statins den reveals that we were still over 1.5 hrs away from York. One good thing was the sunshine seem to be joining us on the last part of the journey. Heading straight into York and try to find a car park that does accept motorhomes was a bit of a challenge, even the flipping coach park says NO MOTORHOMES. Great, finally found the NCP rip off and paid ยฃ8 to park for 3 hrs. Thanks York you really know how to look after your travelling tourists….. Not.
Oh well heading out of York city and over to the Yorkshire Dales for some hill walking tomorrow. I will leave you with a few images of the city.





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