Bose Soundlink ii OMG ….

I’m not really a tech gadget reviewer, I do like my toys, and every now and again I am driven to splurge some words about some of them on my blog. Yesterday saw the arrival of one of those toys that needs a little splurge.


This is a shot of my new Bose Soundlink ii portable speaker box thingy, I put my iPhone in the shot so you can gauge just how small this little box of sound tricks really is, I have to keep looking at it and wonder how the hell does all that bass come from this tiny box.

I have been trying find a set of portable speakers I can use around the house, I’m a demanding listener and like to have good clear sound with punchy bass, this is hard to find in portable speaker, I also needed to find something that would produce a good enough sound for watching movies in my VW camper when we are away on the weekends. Yeah I know what a glamper eh, but hey why not.
I have bought a few sub £100 units of the last few years, they have all been ok but have not really met my requirements and sound expectations. So I decided bite hard and spend a little more and see if I can tick those boxes. The two front runners soon appeared when searching the www’s. It came down to the Jawbone big Box thing and the Bose soundlink. They needed to have the following criteria.
Great sound quality
Deep punchy bass
Small package
Re chargeable battery
Ability to be charged by 12v systems for the Camper
Wireless connection to the source. (to end this doc connector design changing iPhone 5 crap stuff from Apple. iPod touch 1st Gen. fingers burnt twice not)
Stay under £250 cos it’s a lot to spend on a little speaker.

The Jawbone and the Bose met all the above so the only thing left to do was listen. I spent 1 hr in pc world listening to a number of tracks and a movie on the iPad as a listening test sent over the Blue tooth connection.
It’s obvious of the winner as one now sits beside me and the picture says it all ….. Um not quite this thing not only looks gorgeous and its superbly engineered the one thing I can’t help you with is a listening test. Sorry you can’t hear this thing. It easily fills my 17ft x 14 ft modest lounge with deep rich clear sound. And it goes as loud as you need for everyday listening. It’s got an 8 hr rechargeable battery and takes 3hrs to fully charge from dead. Next up is to take it away this weekend and watch a movie in the camper ….. I think it’s going to be good ….. Really good…..sorry in advance to whom ever is parked next to me in York this coming weekend I hope you enjoy my film as much as I do….
I swear the sound is getting better the more I use it …..

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