Ports and Ferrari’s

Still travelling 100% with the X100 its still the most versatile camera to take, from vibrant bright blue sunny shots to dark dimly lit 200 year old war ships this camera simply takes it all in its stride. Following the coast we arrived at Southsea, took time out to walk and visit both Southsea and Portsmouth. It must have been 25 years since I was last in Portsmouth. Wow the place has changed. The new docklands area with the Spinnaker viewing tower is a lovely place to visit, eat , shoot and taking in the super sea and harbour views.

South sea light house and Castle.

For those lost and sea and war. Carvings at the memorial.

The high rise posh new docklands area in Portsmouth. Note: I have no idea why the Fuji X100 gives me this fabulous halo from time to time but it’s great.

The most impressive viewing tower The Spinnaker. Portsmouth Docks

The amazing Victory battle ship

View from one of the lower decks, you needed to be a short sailor in those days or suffer from CBHS

From Portsmouth we headed inland toward the New Forest and a little place called Lydhurst to pick up some food for the evening and was stunning by coming across and new Ferrari and Maserati garage and were allowed to wander inside and out and take photos. Cool day.



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