Covert Castles !

Castles are just fabulous to look at and around. And Arundell in the heart of west Sussex is no exception.

Standing tall and very imposing Arundell castle dominates the village landscape. It’s a large castle and large grounds and on the festival weekend and with the sun shining it was time to take a look round.

Taking the trusty Fuji X100 as normal these days I tool a few shots in and around the grounds and gardens. The X100 does a good job with landscape I am learning to like the results more and more. It’s not particularly wide at 28mm but it suits my style. The main reason however was to allow me to take some shots of the rooms within the castle, if allowed this is normally quite a challenge for a top range DSLR due to the often very dim lighting, dull walls and dark furniture. have bought the all access ticket I was ken to take some interesting shots, however I was told almost on entry “no photography ” awe pants , but hey turning the Fuji X100 into silent mode and having a handy strap that holds the camera around my neck at chest height makes for perfect covert shooting.




Many a covert shot was indeed captured some turning out wonderful. Love it

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