Thistle, in a flash !

Thistle by Simon Peckham
Thistle, a photo by Simon Peckham on Flickr.

Trying out some creative on camera flash techniques. Use with under exposing the background as you would if you were setting up using speed lights. This time instead of firing the speed lights. ( I did not have one with me at the time). Just fire the flash, I needed to get it to fire a little brighter than normal to try and make the image look like the morning rising sun was pin pointing the thistle with its warm rays of light. after some trial and error not having much time to experiment I settled for +3 flash. this appeared to give the look I was trying to achieve. Take a speed light next time I hear you cry, but I do wonder if I would have had enough time to set it up as the sun was rising and still get this shot…… I have some doubts. So, not time and want to make a different kind of land scape shot, find some good foreground subject and pop up that onboard flash.

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