Cesar Manrique and the right camera

Knowing I was heading out to visit the amazing former home of Lanzarote’s supreme artist Cesar Manrique I was really glad I had taken my Little X100, how’s this for a lounge in your house made from one of three massive lava bubbles Cesar discovered back in the 60s. The Fuji takes this type of light all in its stride.

Having a camera that can deal with extremely low light at one moment and midday sunlight the next was a real bonus on this trip. I believe this camera to be a better camera than my Nikon D300s. The Fuji takes fantastic images in low light, I almost never worry about allowing the camera to auto choose ISO’s up to 28000, the noise is almost none existent. I can be left to concentrate on the depth of field, composition and exposure, it just gets it right, including the white balance it’s extremely accurate even with differential lighting.

Cesar Manriques influence in art, architecture and sculpture is prevalent all over the island, from wonderfully crafted mechanical wind driven sculptures in the centre of roundabouts to the support of maintaining low rise skylines. I arrived at Cesars home, or at least the sign that says it was because this sign was vertically the only visible evidence a grand home existed in the hard baron larva field that was all around me. There were some small white building just visible above ground and one was the entrance to this amazing property.

Just one of the many wind sculptures dotting the island.












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