More Lanzarote landscape, wine, wind and wing mirrors.

Still taking some time to review the very many images I had taken last week on our visit to Lanzarote. I took the decision to only take the little Fuji X100 rather than lug around the D300s and half a dozen lenses. I found I did not miss the D300 at all, the X100 as always preformed perfectly other then needing to change batteries.

I get about 3/4 through a day on one battery. I tend to not turn the camera off and I nearly always run the camera with it set to the EVF. I have grown to like this view very much and gives me the control I require. All the main details are clearly visible as I take the image. I also tend to run the camera in manual focus mode. We all know the focus ring is completely useless however I use the AE button, this allows me to be able to run in macro mode with you having to switch to it in the main menus..I have digressed.
Take a look at a few more shots of landscapes taking with the Fuji.

These are vines grown for the wine regions. The wine is great we had to try a few bottles. The vines are grown in the great hollows in the harsh volcanic rock. The hollows help reduce the wind that drives quite hard across this very baron landscape and also the volcanic rock is very porous. This is great for the storage of water helping to feed the vines over the dryer months of the year.



The casks of wine at the El Grifo winery high in the volcanic mountains to the south of the island.

The rock still showing the almost liquid state from when it was formed during the 6year long eruption in 1730 -1736.


There was no getting away from the extraordinary landscape. In every direction amazing mars planet like scapes. Keeping an eye in the rear view was definitely needed.

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