Landscapes again


I’m back at it trying again with landscape photography. For me it is my pet hate, I love seeing great landscape shots but seem completely unable to capture them myself. It takes something of a special eye to “see” a good landscape shot. I try to follow the general rules but still fail to produce images that I am really happy with.
Taking out the D300s with my Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 ( not done since having the x100 in my grubby little hands so its been quite a while) I felt I should give it another go, and yep after another outing and 200 shots later I can see I am still struggling with the aspect. What you see in this post is the final versions of some 250 images I took of landscapes and yet only a handful remain in my library. I can put my finger on what the problem is. Often looking through the lens and even seeing the shot in the 3inch screen I feel I have captured a great shot but time after time I am disappointed during post processing and end up discarding 90% of what I shoot if is a landscape.

The 2 shots I have posted in this blog for me are questionable but even these are not just landscape they have a pretty impressive massive mansion building in all but one of them.
I guess I need to keep trying, find better locations where I can focus on some foreground. I took a number of images where I realise now that I have taken with a too shallow depth of field. This is deffo a skill that I have much much more to learn.



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