Roaming the Chilterns

Out and about in the Vdub Camper again this weekend. We have found some time to roam the Chilterns. We headed for Ashridge Estate a national trust area. There is a large monument that you can climb up and view the surroundings. It’s a tight winding stair to the top platform was a tight squeeze when passing viewers on the way down. I was presented with a fabulous view.
As the evening began to draw in we decided to find a local supermarket grab some salmon streaks and salad and head back to the monument for the sunset to cook up munch with a glass of wine then head down to the Ashridge house. The blue bells abound in and around the woodland and estate. Wow what a place the main house is more photo,s to follow on a separate blog as I took a different camera and not had time to down load them.
We headed back as the sun dipped below the horizon. Jumped in the camper drove 10mins and found a cracking little spot deep in the forest to bed down for the night. Another glass of wine ended another fine day.
We woke this morning to deer roaming 50 yards away ….. And no zoom lens with me. Doh! big mistake packing it all next time for sure.






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