Motor roaming

Just thought I would do a small blog on the latest edition to the house hold. This is my VW camper it’s a 2000 plate 2.5ltr diesel Topaz, a rare little beast 2 birth ( sleeps 3 just fine) with a full wash room on the rear. Full blown air heating, fridge, cooker and grill. It had is first outing with Michelle myself and my son Rhys. Rhys is very much into his extreme scootering at the moment so we mapped out a route in Kent that also took in some of the largest skate parks in the uk. What can I say motor home is the basis of freedom, travelling around in your own little shell that is your complete home is just fabulous. Taking in the surroundings and sights on the way. Calling in to the skate parks in Ashford, Swalecliff, Canterbury and margate to keep Rhys happy.

The Topaz performed brilliantly, all aspects worked, and we functioned very well in its some what confined space, ok I have to admit 3 persons in a motor home of this size was a little challenging at times but it’s only designed for two, but hey it was fun and did not in any way dampen spirits.
We took in one campsite stop so that we could charge up electronic equipment, all have a hot shower and sort out the fresh and waste liquids that needed to be sorted. All in all for the first time out i think it was fabulous. Only two things became evident that we are going to need on future trips. One being an inverter as i have an ever increasing need to charge stuff and two is some kind of rear storage box to store things that are not required inside on a regular basis and wet dirty items such as walking books and waterproof clothing.
Charging of camera equipment, laptops iPads and iPods is definitely required. Here are a few shots from the weekend. I will up load more once I have a WiFi connection.

Another of my son Rhys





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