From another view

From another view by Simon Peckham
From another view, a photo by Simon Peckham on Flickr.

When the light is just right. Sometimes I find myself out and about with the camera on an afternoon walk or perhaps and early morning and something about the light is just perfect. Once or twice I have been on some location shoots and the same thing has happened. Things just seem to click ( excuse the pun) but you can be setting up or working away taking a few shots and things are going well. Every now and again however all the planets seem to align. The light just seems to be ideal. I really like these moments, they take time to reveal themselves but when they do its just great to be a photographer, I can remember the best shoots when the “light is right”. last year with Natalie at Roswell Pits in Ely, again one occasion on cookoo bridge with Ellie the light was perfect, and it shows, it shows in the results. Its set me on a path of light hunting, looking for that special time most often for me seen in the gold hour, but it does not last long, maybe that special light only lasts 5-6mins so you have to make the most of it.
I’m looking forward to hunting down those times again this year and hitting the sweet spot in the light. Hey I guess if your a lady Tog you could call this the G-Spot.

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