Times passed…… sad site (sight)

From time to time you can come across a scene that brings a little sadness, over the weekend such a scene was found not far from my home 20120227-185911.jpg

Sad little garden house standing stoic as it watches over the battle of carnage being played out before it. Watching as the diggers moved in to distort the majestic trees and overgrown gardens surrounding its long life, visiting this scene was very strange I could almost feel the sadness of this once grand family home being raped for its earthly values by local developers. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a tree hugger type nut but I felt the need to document and write a little.

It all started on Friday of last week as driving home on the A10 from Cambridge to Ely the scene was apparent, this house and gardens had laid dormant to my eyes at least for the last 15 years. Sure the house and grounds have been there for a long long time and I had driven passed them every day to and from my day job, but this Friday was different I was met with the sight of the ripped trees and shrubs and the clearing of the land surrounding this house. I don’t know it’s history or whom may have lived here.

A sign has go up as land for development. So we all know soon there will probably be over a 100 small box like dwellings with no room to swing the dog let alone have gardens large enough to give a new home to this old garden house. I decided I should try and get tot the sight over the weekend and take some more shots documenting the moving times and capturing a little of what has gone before.

The dog was found in the garage where once lay a sports car. I could see the tyre tracks where it’s rusty hulk had been dragged like a huge dinosaur skeleton from the crumbling walls and roof. It’s spine (exhaust system) was all that was left. other items included some shoe care, tape recorder, glass green house, potting shed,




I had woken early Sunday morning before dawn and taken a drive out to the site. Wondering around I had a chill thinking about this once warm and friendly place. A family once here enjoying the surroundings. Gone very Erie.



3 thoughts on “Times passed…… sad site (sight)

      1. Cheers for calling by Simon. When I first moved here 20yrs ago, there was a magnificent Convent at the top of my road, almost over night it was destroyed by the demolishon crew. A Trading estate replaces it now. Wished I had a digital camera then, I only have the memory…

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