Tilt shift

So what is tilt shift all about.

It can be about very expensive camera equipment. Tilt shift lens can certainly dent the pocket. But it’s all about de focus and where you choose to set the focus.

There are an infinite number of ways this type of photography can be approached the final look can vary hugely. The most common is making things look tiny. The shot of a city landscape out of focus taken at some distance focus is trained on a small area this give the appearance of a world in miniature or it can be simply a tool for you to focus the viewers eye directly to were you want them to look.

My personal favourite use is in portraiture. I have seen some amazing examples on the net.
So as you have probably worked out I don’t have a top of the range Nikon tilt shift lens. Nope it’s all software and the images in this blog are all created using a great little app for the iPad creatively called tilt shift.

20120219-204212.jpgIf you don’t have hardware to run apps try out some plugins for your particular image tools such as light room. Photoshop etc. Give it a go have some fun you can really create some interesting views.



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