On a business trip to Mora in Sweden, great.. a chance to photograph new scenes. Travelling with my friend Oz whom I might add is recently taking up photography and finally after many weeks of research got round to buying his first serious camera, hey and why not. Oz wisely or not and that a a matter of option that I never get drawn into has gone for a cannon g12. Great first choice if you ask me but like I said I’m not going to debate the good bad and the ugly of cameras.

Who cares, the best camera is the one your holding at the time you need one most. So with that out the way Oz and I headed for the airport, since this is technically a business trip and we both work for a great company we had kindly been provided with chauffeur transport to the airport. Yep mega cool. Plenty of time to check in, it this point and with hind-site I wish I would have been paying just a little more attention when the checking in lady asked if I wanted a window seat. Not really taking any notice and assuming at that point in time either myself or Oz will probably grab a window seat.
I will digress for a moment and just review my passed travelling history for domestic and business travel, in these times of hardship many companies has been stressing that travel should no be taken as economically as possible and that fine, so I am very used to travelling both when on business and in pleasure travel by low cost airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair. One of the things you need to be getting used to when travelling with these afore mentioned airlines it that you are not allocated a seat number, that’s just choose one when you get on board, no problem so I have become very accustomed to travelling this way, to I return to the checking in part where I took little to no interested when I was asked window or isle, thinking no more Oz and I set off to grab a typical English breakfast to start the day.
During breakfast Oz proudly shows off his recent purchase and we discuss the up coming opportunities to shoot all things new and cool in Sweden, one of them being out of the aircraft window.
Finishing up breakfast as a quick spot of shopping for spare batteries we headed for the boarding gate, its a long way in Gatwick. Reaching the gate I took out my boarding pass and noticed we have been allocated actual seat numbers. Ooh how novel no stampede to be first in line to grab a seat. So away we boarded and located our seats. Myself in 10a and Oz next to me in 10b. Then came the realisation I should have taken a little more care way back at the check in 3 hours earlier, when the checking lady asked would I like a window seat I should have replied with yes please because as I placed my hand luggage above in the locker and grabbed the X100 ( yes of course this was with me). I stoop down to slide into the seat only to find there was no sodding window !! What ! Where’s the bloody widow. Looking around and letting Oz in on my discovery of displeasure it was clear we had the only seat on the plain that did not have a window. No joke no sodding window not even able to squeeze a lens into gap wedged between the airframe and in the seat in front or behind could we could not find a angle for a shot …. Look see what I mean…..


Great eh what a dork am I. Note to self always ask for window seat.
As the journey continues find ourselves arriving at Stockholm airport without taking a shot out of the non existing window. In Stockholm airport however it’s a different story. Once through the passport control we were heading for the Sky City.

At the Center located near terminal 5 and grabbing a train ticket on the way and both of us got snapping as we travelled the various escalators and walkways. I grabbed a few shots on the way taking in the interesting architecture. Arriving finally at the SkyCity terminal we found the main train ticket office bought a couple of tickets to the main destination of Mora some 400km north of Stockholm.

The train journey takes about 3.5 hrs, we had 50mins to spare and having being per warned by our Tomas our host at AOL (the company we are visiting ) that all the hotels in Mora would have stopped taking orders for food by the time we would arrived we located a well known food establishment with a large yellow M and took a quick bite to eat. It’s now dark so fat chance of some shots of the wonderful baron cold Swedish country side grabbed a quick sunset shot as I left the aircraft.


Boarding the train to find it surprisingly old school beautifully made with classic stainless materials but looking a little tired we sped north.



More to follow soon

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