Fujifilm x100 The lens protection solution.

I am quite sure all X100 owners are having the same concerns and problems as I have had since owning the camera. How to protect the wonderful Fujinion f2lens, safely and still look good. If you google this you will find many methods others such as myself have come up with. This is my version if it helps

I have tried a number of solutions and purchased a few lens covers etc to find this solution that I am happy with. The first real problem is the adaptor that is made by Fuji. Lets just say its not clever. Not only is it stupidly expensive it is also poorly designed, once you have the adaptor you soon find out that it renders the original lens cap to the bin, why on earth Fuji Engineers designed this adaptor to allow you to use a lens hood be then prevent a lens cap from being used even if the hood is off I will never know. Like I said stupid. Next up you want to first fit the uv lens protector and if like me you did not sit and work out exactly hope this should best fit together you will have bought a 49mm uv or similar lens filter and screwed it onto the front if the X100 once you removed the pretty silver screw bezel ring. However it soon becomes apparent that a standard filter cover does not have enough depth to prevent the front on the lens coming into contact with the back of the filter glass, I should say that I never actually tried this to find out if the lens actually hits the glass I just noticed that the lens when in macro mode seems to protrude beyond the aluminium hosing. Gulp ! That could be an expensive mistake so take care here not to just wind on any old filter. So once you have learned this option does not work you set about trying to find a solution. One I chose was to purchase the cheapest 49mm filter I could and smash out the glass. (googles on please). Thus making you very own extension ring. Now this can be screwed to the front bezel then the filter, now there is plenty of clearance for the lens to move freely. Now the hod can ride over the top. However a couple of problems firstly you no longer have a lens cap, you might say hey who cares I’m already protecting the lens but for me I still don’t really want to be cleaning my lens filter every 5mins with bottom of my grubby t-shirt. So you need a cap so I bought a standard 49mm lens cap. Now ooh yes all protected but my good it’s ugly I mean really ugly and what used to be a slim 28mm lens has now grown into some sort of mutation of a 35mm into a 50mm yuck seriously bad gear. Ok yes I know it’s not all about how it looks but hey let’s face it one of the main reasons we were attracted to the Fuji X100 in the first place was indeed for its drop dead gorgeous good retro looks. So yes it is a sin to now whack a bunch of filters on the top with a hood and make the X100 look like its been mated with something bad in Japan’s fallout region and is now living on the front of you. Well I found a solution and it retains its fab looks. Check this out.






12 thoughts on “Fujifilm x100 The lens protection solution.

  1. hey – I`m looking for an solution to use 46mm filters on a fuji X100 – do you have any Ideas, how I can make this in combination with the JCC hood?

  2. This is exactly the solution i came up with to protect the lens of my x100s. I was however still looking for an alternative as this solution really hurts the compacity factor of the camera (adapter + hood add 3cm to the camera, more or less).

    Concerning the cap it is also worth noting that the x10 suffers from a similar issue: once a uv filter is put in place the cap is a bit loose.

    Just out of curiosity : what is the neck strap you put on your x100?

    1. Hi thank you for taking the time to read my blog and comment. I agree the compactness with this system is not good. Since this post I have bought a X-E1 as my work camera and now I only use my X100 for pleasure shooting so I have reverted to no filter and the had lens cap but its a little scary I would hate to damage that fabulous little lens. The strap I use is from an old set of binoculars my father gave me. It’s quite short and great for street. Strong too so give me a great alternative to the sling strap. Best regards Simon

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      1. Leaving the lens unprotected is indeed an alternative that i considered. But I am too afraid to damage it, i think. Well, it is not easy to arbitrate between protection and compacity. Anyway thanks for your input.



  3. Hi!
    Since you also have an X-E1, could you tell which is more compact, the X100s with filter and hood or the X-E1 with the 35mm lens?
    Is the difference very large?

    Thank you for the post!

    1. That’s a great question. The x100 is a little more compact, however you have the option to purchase the 27 mm f/2,8. Making the xe1 the best option. I have considered it often.
      Hope that helps and thank you for asking.

      1. I have been looking for a compact combo that I can carry with me every day.
        I have already considered the 27mm lens. However, there are not yet many reviews, so I don’t know much about its performance.
        Also, I can find interesting deals on the x-E1 + 35mm but not yet on the X-E1 + 27mm.

        I’ll have to make a decision soon.

        Thank you very much your help and prompt answer!

  4. I just purchased the x100s and was considering getting a filter as well. I just ordered the ring adapter for 49mm, but according to your post, if I am in macro mode, the lens will hit the filter? Is that correct? This has me worried a bit. Would buying another hood option be better protection?

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