Re visit re edit. Why I do!

Ok from time to time I find myself going over old work….. Why , why bother it’s done you can’t retake the shots it’s over move on. Well I often find myself learning something new and sometimes these newly learnt tricks often will apply to old work. The most common reason to go back over my work is that I have some new post processing skills. I have recently purchased an aperture 2 book. Taking me through a post process work flow.


Working through the book in a logical way I have found that I have missing out on some really valuable skills relating to post processing. The book has allowed me to review old work and apply these new skills to creat very different looks and styles to my images. I have been surprised and delighted with some of the little tricks I was not aware of.


For example learning that a great way to gain subtle but very effective light, dark , saturation and sharpening tools is to purchase a touch pad and pen. Apple’s Aperture has functionally built in to work with pressure sensitive touch tools. This is very useful when working in “dodge and burn” having pressure control makes it so much easier to apply the changes I want where I want and very accurately. I am still wading through the publication and will run another blog on new and useful items as I find them. For now if your using post software be it super expensive or free I can definitely recommend buying your self a good book, delve in and learn some new post skills that you never realised existed. Trust me you learn loads real quick that will change your results dramatically.


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