Reverse lens macro

Ever wished you had a macro lens in your kit bag but also wonder if it’s worth it… Well here is a cheap and easy way to check out macro photography before you commit your hard earned to a lens.

The above shot is taken with two lenses taped end to end together with electrical tape, as you can see its focus is on a knife edge but it’s fun to play with…
I dug out an old Pentax left to me by my grandfather turn it round than taped it to the front of my Nikon 35-70mm it all looks pretty strange.

This can be done with any combination of lens however I have found that a long lens with a reversed short lens seems to work the best, the is just from trial and error. This seems to be the combination that reduces the pin hole effect that is inherently bad from using this method, however don’t let that put you off have a go and see for your self the results. This is how it looks on the from of my D300s

It takes a little time to get used to the very fine and difficult focusing control but you soon get the idea. Spend some time wondering round finding interesting items to shoot. Take a look at my five mins wondering and snapping this morning




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