Mint Hunger….leaving me wanting more much!

At last…. my mint first edition HUNGER arrived today so I have spent the morning somewhat side tracked of my plans. For those that don’t know or if your a photographer and you have been living under a rock for the past 6 months Rankin see his website here is in my book the UK’s most respected and famous fashion and portraiture. His approach, work ethic and resulting images are simply inspirational. Last November Rankin published his own magazine to use as a platform to show his work and to provide a springboard for other talents in fashion and photography.

I have been trying to get hold of a copy at a sensible price for some time. The magazine is a bi-annual publication and runs in conjunction with Hunger TV It’s his website dedicated to fashion video. check it out here .
The magazine is whopping 500 pages. It’s like a telephone directory and at the time of publication cost a mere £4.00. I have just paid considerably more for this magazine and frankly it’s worth every penny.

It’s rammed full of incredible images take this one of the famous UK actor Ray Winstone. I took this in a way to try and show how theses shots jump from the pages at you, see what I mean

The next issue is due sometime this year and I for one will be wait impatiently for the issues date to be released. If your interested go visit the website of Rankin and see what all the fuss is about. For now I need to crack on with the jobs I had planned for me Saturday and put this massive book of art and culture down, but it’s hard the in depth interviews are captivating all based on q&a style it’s makes makes you want to read faster, and I have not even scratched the service. So how does this leave me. Well HUNGRY, hungry for more and more even hungry for what I do …. I take pictures and want to be good at it, so I’m more hungry to get better at it. ….. Starving now.


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