It’s all in the timing.. long exposure + POP!

Continuing with my quest to produce a shot of a fire ring with a willing model in the centre I was out again last night. The weather has not been on my side. Having returned to the keying light which I much prefer I now have to work out how to capture the model. You will have noticed that all of the globe shots I have produced so far are absent of my ugly mug. This is simply due to the fact I don’t give off much light in the dark and I am moving to creat this globe. This combination leads to zero me. That’s great but I want a model in my shot and no not put in after with photoshop I want it captured live. Like this but clearly not with me as the model.

This is how I go about doing it.

So I have a total aperture open time of 30 secs. ( I think I’m am going to need more but that’s another problem to solve later). I set the time open the shutter and start to spin the light. Now I rotated my body through 360 deg and hey presto shutter closes and I have produce a globe and no humans. I now needed to stop at the end hold a pose (ask the model to quickly move into position) hit my remote flash unit set up off camera with snoot and capture the model at the end oh and all before the 30 sec shutter time elapses. Phew this is not easy. Here is another set up shot as you can see way to bright.

So by now you should be getting the idea. It’s all about the timing and exposure time. It’s quite a challenge getting this all to work but my tests are showing it actually possible and should make for a great shot. Next up will be some real fire tests. Eeeeek could be exciting. Out this weekend to purchase the gear need. I will blog on what is needed over the weekend.

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