The road to long exposure fire con’td

Since it was a little warmer out side this evening I thought I would revisit my light globe practice and see where I need to improve and progress. Using the key ring light I set about with a couple of practice shots and an aperture setting test. Here is the first at f/4 30sec exposure.


Next up having some problems with spinning accuracy oops


Now taking another spin at it with f/8 again at 30sec exposure ( this is the optimum time for me to complete a full rev while spinning. ) as expected the background has darkened but only a slight change to the brightness of the spinner.

As you can see I am starting to become a little more accurate over the target spot. Thats the yellow disc in the bottom centre. Being accurate and fast with the spinning creates a much more uniform globe.
Last but not least I took some wild angle and turned 360 on the next shot, unfortunately this was to be the last of the evening due to the fact you really need to tie on that light real tight !! My neighbour 3 doors down now has a lovely ยฃ1.97 key ring torch on his roof ….. Ouch !

On balance though the results indicate some improvement. Going to try a better location next and find a new light and secure it damn well.

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