Previous light painting work

Just thought I would drop in some of the work I have done before with live models and live lighting. This has it’s own bunch of challenges mostly around being able to keep the model in sharp focus and reduce the noise on the image. Looking closely at my light globe shots I see my Fuji produced significantly less image noise than my D300s. Seems like I will need to find a model and try this again but with the Fuji.
br />
20120115-183724.jpg the light trails are produced with an iPad with a series of coloured round dots being displayed. The model strikes a pose in complete darkness. The shutter is opened and I run around the model with the iPad facing the camera. Counting the exposure time in my head just at the last moment I trigger the off camera speed lights using wireless trigger gear. It’s all a little complicated but you soon start to find the right conditions and make progress. Time to study and do more this year deffo.

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