Photography in 50 easy steps

If you are ever stuck in that creative block, you know that feeling, you look at your work and think arrrrh in need to throw this darn camera away it’s driving me nuts. You end up not touching it for weeks, yet you know you really want to get shooting again but can’t find the inspiration needed to warm up that trigger finger. I had the same a while back so I tried a little experiment. Pick up the camera Sep out side your front door or some start point in a location of your choice. The front door is good as it makes this extra hard. Step one take 50steps look around take 50 seconds to view your immediate surroundings and take a shot. Take a number of shots if you like but take just one if you can, it’s makes you think much more, don’t worry about taking a number of shots if you have your composition sorted after all you want to take a good clean sharp image at the very least. Here is one of my shots when I tried it myself again today.


The idea it’s to help you look early closely at your immediate surroundings tug hard on your creative rope and let some of it out. Now choose a direction and take another 50 steps. Ok its not got to be exactly 50 but be hard on your self, it you see something in the distance that you know you could have a chance of a good shot make yourself take 5 shots on the way.Here is another From today.


Trust me you MUST try this ….. No I mean really try it. …. It’s not hard as you might think to get some good results, you think there is nothing to shoot how will this make a good shot. But when you have finished and get back home (that’s not going to be far if you have done this right )down loading a taking a first look at the images nearly always surprises me. Here is another 50 steps.


I have to confess I have done this a number of times and I find it quite invigorating. It reminds me what photography is about ( for me ). Others may or may not like this type of work but I can recommend this little exercise and see what you come up with. You may will surprise yourself what your capable of creating.
Here a s few more from my efforts earlier today.








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