The road to long exposure fire con’td

Popped out today into the city of Ely and try to find a torch that would be more suitable for this work. Typically I had to hunt hard and still had to make do with a part that I had to modify. Here it a sample of the result.


I chose a simple key ring type LED light as I thought this would provide suitable. However looking at the results I need to practice a little more and maybe find a slightly larger light. One problem I have found is that the key ring I had chosen was in a sealed pack and it was on,y when I had purchased it and come home did I realise that the on off switch was of a press on type only therefore I needed to find a way to make the light stay on permanently. I found a small nut and some electrical tape to solve the problem. I will make more practice shots over a few evenings this week and see where that takes me next.


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