A road to fire.

This is a post about my attempt to do some spinning fire long exposure shots. I will be adding to the blog up until I have made some good images or at least images that I am happy with. Long exposure of made made lights and spinning them is far from a new idea in the photographers world. Some of the images I have seen are simply awesome and I greatly admire the talent in this field. These guys as photographers and artists are far better at this than I will ever be. But this blog is about my journey having a go at this type of photography. So the image above is my very first attempt. It’s done with some light source that took ten minutes to put together for bits in my garage. I will show you in the next post the kit I used. The camera used was my Fuji because it has virtually no noise in low light and has all the tools for setting this type of shot. It’s a 30sec exposure at f/5.6, self timer set manual focus.
Ok it’s not great but it’s a good start. I have worked out I need to make some considerable modifications to the kit, brighter light source, something to support the spinning action as I have the blisters from hell already. If your keen to see more of this type of work check out this link for some of the best in this field. here more later…

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